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Jan is phenomenal! Her kid-friendly and fun approach put our daughter at ease right away. She was always encouraging and positive, building our daughter’s confidence right away. We especially appreciated how she never made our daughter feel like she had something wrong with her.


We brought our son to Cary Speech Services when he was three. I can’t say enough positive things about Helen and what she did for my son. His speech is so clear now and he has so much more confidence. He enjoyed going to the sessions and it never seemed like “work” to him, but he really did work hard. People can’t believe that he ever needed speech therapy.


Recently my husband and I were watching a video of our daughter from a year ago and the first thing that struck us both was how far she has come since she started therapy at Cary Speech Services.

Client08Mother and Father

Our daughter had advanced verbal skills and spoke in whole sentences when she was one, so when she started stuttering at two we felt alarmed. I’m so grateful that a friend referred us to Jan! She was wonderful with our little girl and taught us fluency techniques that we used right away. Our sessions were fun and quickly effective.


If you ask our daughter who Ms. Jan is, she’ll tell you, “She’s the person who helped make my bouncy words go away!”


Our daughter was actually disappointed when her visits had to end because her “r” sound was corrected in as little as four sessions. Jan is exceptional at what she does. We highly recommend her.

Client13Mother and Father

My experience with them has been way beyond excellent. They were so good with my son, understanding the needs, having a listening ear, gave the right feedback and were just so compassionate. The owner on numerous occasions would talk to me over the phone to give me advice and support. They have just done miracles for my son. I would highly recommend them.


I brought my daughter in to see Ms. Helen for her lisp. Ms. Helen is wonderful with kids. She immediately made my daughter feel comfortable and quickly taught her how to correctly say her “s” sounds. She also has very useful drills for at-home practice. My daughter has picked up the correct way to speak so quickly it is amazing. I highly recommend Cary Speech Services.

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